ISTOBAL open innovation
START-UP program

Submission period: September 1st, 2019 – December 15th, 2019

About The Event

ISTOBAL in Brief

ISTOBAL is a leading company that develops, manufactures and market solutions for the vehicle wash and care industry. Our products are sold worldwide.

With Headquarters in Valencia, Spain, ISTOBAL is present in more than 75 countries and employs more than 900 associates. At present, international sales represent 80% of the company’s activity.

ISTOBAL has managed to preserve its essence as a family-owned business - currently in the third generation - while running a multinational corporate group with 10 subsidiaries and 3 manufacturing plants in Europe and America.

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The Challenge

The automotive industry evolves to more complex scenarios where mobility, connected cars, electric vehicles play an important role. Vehicle interiors and exteriors will not be the same as we know them today and we want you to revolutionize the way we understand cleaning cars.

We look for start-ups, Universities, teams, spin-offs… to co-create a solution capable to vacuum, disinfect and/or clean all kind of complex surfaces using robotics, AI, AV, Machine Learning, AGV, Chemicals or any other means you have explored and you would like to share with us


L'alcudia, Valencia Spain


from 3rd Feb to 31st May 2020

What do we offer

Depending on the origin and size of the start-ups, help with you travel expenses for the Selection Day (3 to maximum 4 members)

During the program, the 2/3 selected start-ups will enjoy


≈17 weeks acceleration program (from 3rd Feb to 31st May 2020)


Free office space, at our headquarter in Valencia


Up to 10.000€ per team to fund the process of develop, adapt, validate and implement your Proof Of Concept


Potential carry on to implement and scale concept, for which we can be your customer and be helping you to grow your product offerings


Interest in taking equity %


Access to our Innovation Lab, our prototype and manufacturing workshops and our testing area Access to our R&D and Manufacturing experts

Additionally, during the acceleration program you will benefit from

Workshops following our Design Thinking methodology to generate concept and product offerings

Networking and mentoring with subject matter experts

Time Frame

Here is our event schedule

Check the dates about our open innovation start-up program

Submission period

September 1st, 2019 – December 15th, 2019

Selection Day

January 16th, 2020

Acceleration Program

February 1st, 2020 – May 31st, 2020


Speaker 1

Yolanda Tomás


Speaker 2

Rafael Tomás


Speaker 3

Benjamin Lorente

Product & Innovation Director

Speaker 4

Elena Buendia


Speaker 5

Juan Luis Hortelano


Speaker 6

Rubén Colomer

Program Co-ordinator


ISTOBAL mentors

Speaker 1

Yolanda Tomás


Speaker 2

Rafael Tomás


Speaker 3

Benjamin Lorente

Product & Innovation Director

Speaker 4

Carlos García

Global Markets Director

Speaker 5

Antonio Cervera

Operations Director

Speaker 6

Alvaro Vilar

Finance Director

Speaker 6

Sabina Díaz


External mentors

Some of the names that can be part of the process (may vary to better match the nature and needs of the start-up)

Speaker 1

Jordi Miró

Head of Metropolis:Lab (SEAT)

Speaker 2

Antonio Huerta

VPE Vitcord, Technology Advisor for different start-ups

Speaker 3

Carlos Jimenez

CEO Valeet, former Head of products Trov, Inc

Speaker 4

Jorge Dobón

CEO Demium Startups

Speaker 5

Jaime Novoa

Inveestor in K-Fund, Founder Novobrief

Speaker 6

Pablo Ventura

Partner at K-Fund, former Manager JME Venture Capital

Speaker 6

Mikel Alonso

Founder Glassy

Speaker 6

Roberto Guzmán

CEO Robotnik

Speaker 6

Jose Luis Antunez

Tech and Brand Builder, Co-founder of EBE

Speaker 6

Samuel Gil

Partner at JME Venture Capital

Speaker 6

Patricia Pastor

Managing Director @GoHub Open Innovation Hub by @GlobalOmnium

Speaker 6

Jaime Esteban

Founder Wayout , former director of Atitlán and Angels Capital

Speaker 6

Javier Megias

CEO Xplore, President of AVS (Asociación Valenciana de Startups)

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Come on and enjoy Valencia!

You will have the opportunity to know a magnificent city and enjoy its wonderful gastronomy and climate